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Book your professional Car Service in Bangalore.

Searching for a doorstep car service? Get highly skilled & trained car service expert to carry out any car service related work at your home or office in Bangalore. Well then, you are on the right platform!


Check out some of our Car Technician Experts

General Car Services

  • General Inspection and Maintenance
  • Change in Engine Oil
  • Replacement of Filters
  • Checking for Car Suspension
  • Inspection of Problems in Hosepipe
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Car Wash/Cleaning Services

  • Car Cleaning Service
  • Car Wash Services
  • Exterior Water Wash
  • Deep Car Interior Cleaning
  • Eco Car Wash
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Car Breakdown Assitance

  • Road Assistance (Provision of Spare Wheel)
  • Battery Repair/Jumpstart
  • Key Lockout/Release
  • Car Lifting Towing
  • Car Flatbed Towing
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Car Dent & Painting

  • Car Polish
  • Car Dent Repair
  • Car Paint Repair
  • Paintless Dent Repair
  • Scratch Repair
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Reasons to choose ServiceStop.

ServiceStop helps you save your precious time. By booking reliable car service technician expert through our website, you will get best-in-class car services at your convenience & affordable prices. Hence, you may not have to wait for hours for an car technician expert to show up.

Easy to Book

Booking for a service professional is much more easier, simply just place a request, and leave the rest on our team.

Expert Visit's

Our Service Expert will reach on the scheduled time, and take care of your problem.

Job's Done

Making Customer happy, is our top priority. And we make sure that, you have a pleasantful experience with our service.

Our Car Service Technician Expert are Fully Certified to Perform Every Kind of Car Services.

We have a team of talented-skilled Car Service Expert. At ServiceStop, we have a team of highly-experienced, professionally-trained as well as talented-skilled Car Service Mechanics who are committed to providing a holistic range of car services to our clients at unbeatable prices.

How to Hire Doorstep Car Repair & Service in Bangalore?

A Car, is just like any other type of vehicle, it requiures attention every now & then. If we ignore and do not pay any of our attention towards from time to time, car will become incompetent and finally will stop working - there's not a second thought about Car Service. This is why car repair in Bangalore is so important & essential. It has to be done on a regular basis, which would further guarantee its durability for a longer period of time. So, if currently you are looking ro get your car serviced at reputable service center, which will take care of your car in Bangalore. If so, we have a very simple, honest, dependable easy to use way of method. You could easily avail for a doorstep car service in Bangalore for any type of car repairs & service. Are you confused? Believe it, it is true. Please proceed further in order to know, how to avail professional car service from ServiceStop. Our main aim is to provide our customers an easy way of booking service for your car . Particularly if you are worried about the expenses though it can never be a miff to have everything examined in detail. Our all the car service professionals at ServiceStop are skilled & undergo background verification before being onboarded in our company. So there won't be any doubts or questions in handing over your keys to our Car service Experts without any doubts. Our Car Service Expert will visit your locations, as per your convenience time, and will run a diagnosis on your vehicle to figure out the problem occured in your vehicle. And will try his very best to fix the issue in the very comfort of your home or office right in front of you at your agreed time for visit.

Importance of Car Service in Bangalore.

Being a car vehicle owner, it is very important to caryy out regular maintenance of car service on time. Regular car service and maintenance keeps all the vital working parts in a car in excellent condition. Without proper maintenance, your vehicle will not be a lot more serious problems in the future that could lead to you being greatly to spend from your pocket. Doing Car Servicing regularly does not guarantee certain failure but it will surely help to reduce the intensity of loss of your car vehicle. As we are lot dependent on car for travelling from one place to another. This one reason is quite enough for us to keep our vehicle maintained.

How to Book Online Car Repair & Service in Bangalore on Servicestop?

Booking a Car Repair & Service in Bangalore online from Servicestop is simple. You should just fill up a form onto the Servicestop website. Select Car Service on the main page. At this point, select the car type and engine type of the car. Our service expert will show up on agreed time. After the confirmation of your booking, the Car Repair in Bangalore expert online you have booked will visit your home at the mentioned time to help you with the car service.

Why to get your Car Repair & Serviced in Bangalore from Servicestop?

    ● Servicestop's Car Repair Professionals in Bangalore are very well trained and has a great knowledge to handle all types car essential services.
  • ● Servicestop's Car Repair Professionals offers a wide variety of all types of car services and are available all over in Bangalore.
  • ● Servicestop's Car Repair Professionals in Bangalore will show up at your desired time & location without any difficulties.
  • ● Our Car Repair in Bangalore aims to provide you the service which has quality & care, and also our charges are very reasonable to market. At Servicestop in transparency in order to avoid any hidden charges.
  • ● Our team at Servicestop make sure that we deliver, what we had committed for in order to offer you the best car service at your doorstep in Bangalore

So the most important question for you is - Get ready to witness the best doorstep car service from ServiceStop. Find best car service centers in Bangalore at ServiceStop. Why wait? Book for best car mechanic near you from ServiceStop Now!

The Services Offered by ServiceStop Online Car Technician Professionals in Bangalore.

Our car professional experts shows the highest expectations of honesty while offering many types of personalized services ranging from

    ● General inspection and maintenance
  • ● Doorstep car wash services
  • ● Change in engine oil
  • ● Doorstep car cleaning service
  • ● Replacement of filters
  • ● Silencers
  • ● Checking for suspension
  • ● Brake pad
  • ● Inspection of problems in hosepipe
  • ● Clutches
  • ● Check for transmission problems
  • ● Deep car interior cleaning
  • ● Filling of scratches or other minor repairs
  • ● Removal of dents, scratches (repainting services – alloys painting)
  • ● Road assistance (provision of spare wheel)
  • ● Checking of air-conditioner along with sanitization
  • ● Maintenance and replacement of battery services
  • ● Inspection of new cars
  • ● Fix up for tyres (punctures, air shortage)
  • ● Wheel alignment as well balancing
  • ● Installation of windshield
  • ● Car polish
  • ● Checking of fog lamps and subwoofer
  • ● Brakes overhaul
  • ● Test if the speakers are in good working condition
  • ● Provide nano coating services
  • ● Checking of reverse car parking sensor
  • ● Checking correct working of front wipers
  • ● Examining if the car engine is in proper working condition
  • ● Stitching of seat covers (if they are damaged)
  • ● Upgradation of headlights
  • ● Replacement of coolant
  • ● Provide sunfilm cover to windows as well windshield
  • ● Replacement (if needed) of filter for AC/cabin
  • ● Rejuvenation services involving surface and swirl removal
  • ● Repair bonnets and color options for the vehicle
  • ● Inspection of air filters

ServiceStop provides you all the following car vehicle related services mentioned above in all of our car service centers in Bangalore.

ServiceStop is also the most trusted for Car Services in Bangalore!

You have come to the right place. With the ServiceStop, you'll be able to choose the car technicians online and avail services of a skilled car service expert who can take up small car service work to major car services of any type. We offer the best Car Service Technicians in Bangalore anymore. Book any car Services in Bangalore at ServiceStop and experience hassle-free service. Our Car Service Experts offer all types of Car Services. No matter whether you are looking for General Inspection and Maintenance or Change in Engine Oil or Replacement of Filters, our Car Experts can assist you. They provide the complete gamut of car services like Checking for Suspension or Check for Transmission Problems, Removal of Dents, Scratches, Inspection of Problems in Hosepipe, and Checking of Fog Lamps and Subwoofer, and more.

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So what are you waiting for? Also, if your car has a complex problem, our service technician would pick-up the vehicle, fix the Car Service problem and will make it ready to go on the road. As soon as you communicate with us, we will immediately connect you with the right Car Service Technician Expert with the right experience. Using our website, you can be sure of our Car Service Expert to arrive at your described location. ServiceStop Car Service Work in Bangalore is the preferred choice. Car Service Technician will come to your doorstep and complete the work(If the work is small or pick & drop the car back in case of more work to be done on Car Servicing). Our certified Car Technician have the desired knowledge and experience needed to take on any sized job. The charges will also bear the quality of fair pricing; whereas the workmanship will be definitely a cut above the rest.If you are looking for a car mechanic near me. Then you are at the right place. We have verified trained car mechanics to clear all your four-wheeler problems.

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ServiceStop Car Service

We Provide more than just a Service

Great Customer Support

We value our Customer, hence our team provide's support via Phone or Email.

Transparent Charges

We communicate honestly. No hidden fees. Only honest work and trustworthy staff.

Verified Professionals

We hire our Professionals, once they go through our background verification.


Got Questions? We’ve got answers. send us
email to

* How can I book a car service near me from ServiceStop?

You can place the request through any of the following by visiting our website and fill in your details. ) Give us a call to +91 9972827522 or +91 8073211011 and our customer care team will take request for doorstep service. Upon confirmation of booking our service partner will contact you and come down to your place and assist with doorstep service.

* How can I trust your service provider professional with the service and bills?

ServiceStop carry's out a background check on every service partner listed with ServiceStop. ServiceStop include them in the list only after we are satisfied with their skills and credentials provided by them. If you have any queries related to the bills, you are welcome to reach us out about the circumstance with the service provider or call us on +91 9972827522 or +91 8073211011.

* Do I need to pay anything in excess to the service provider?

No, there are no hidden charges, as we believe in transparency. If the service exceeds regular servicing, then there might be additional charges implied on your final bill.

* How Can I reschedule my booking for car service?

Yes, you can reschedule your booking by contacting us on our customer care number +91 9972827522, or drop us an email at reach us at

* What if I am not satisfied with the service, what do I do, then?

If you are not satisfied with the service or the repair expert, you can always give our customer service a call to sort the issue. We will be happy to provide you with a solution that helps.

* How long will a general inspection take?

The time taken will vary from one hour to two hours as every detail has to be checked, including the exteriors as well interiors. If you need cleaning, our team of skilled technicians will use only top branded products to give the car a new fresh lease of life.

* Will my car suffer from scratches if I opt for water free-eco-friendly car wash?

Scratches due to eco-friendly water wash are a complete myth. The solutions used contain pH neutral automotive grade cleaning constituents which leave a protective film. We also use other methods to effectively wade out dirt and return the car back to you in a shining condition.

* What are the modes of contact?

We operate all days within the week from the timings of 8 am to 8 pm. You can reach us via the mobile number on the website.

*Do you provide even wheel/tyre services?

Yes. We can provide services such as Replacement of tyres Fitting of alloy wheels Wheel balancing or alignment Checking of brakes, belts, hoses, flights, leaks etc

* What type of services can online mechanics provide?

Our online mechanics currently offer many services, including inspection, diagnosis, check engine lights, no-start inspections, leaks, and much more at your doorstep. For more information, be kind to give us a call.

*What are the services provided during general car inspection?

Usually, an inspection will include – Road test for visual safety If engine oil needs to be changed Replacement of oil filter (if needed) Cleaning of air filters/replacement (if needed) based on the condition Checking the levels of coolant Checking of batteries and spark plugs Examining spark plugs and batteries Inspection of brakes (front and rear)

*What is the duration from one car service to another car service?

It depends on the various factors such as – model, make and the year of manufacture of the vehicle The general opinion as per experts is that a car should be serviced after 10,000 km or at least every year,if 10,000 kn has been covered in 6 months, then it is necessary to go for a service.

*Can you please tell, what are the advantages of availing the pick-up and drop service online?

There are many. Some of the reasons are – You need not have to tow the car to a service centre or near-by garage You need not worry about the service nor the skills of the mechanic You do not have to step into the traffic Once you have availed of our service, the mechanic will try to resolve the problem in the shortest possible time. All our professionals are checked/verified for their skills and credentials. The technician will bring all the required spare parts, consumables, as specified in the conversation. The biggest advantages of availing our service is you dont have to look out for car service centers in Bangalore.

*What are the requirements for doorstep service?

For apartment complexes, societies or gated communities, we request the customer to provide permission/gate passes for our service personnel to enter and work inside the premises. Please note that the customer will also need to provide space for service, power supply & water. Only general service that does not involve any repair work will be done at the doorstep. Minor or major repair works are not possible.


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